Finding Seeker

Man has two qualities:
One is (his) need.
Through this quality,
he hopes and he has his eyes on reaching the goal.
The other quality is being without a need.
What hope can you have from being without need?
What is the utmost end of a need?
Finding what has no needs !
What is the ultimate end of seeking?
Finding what is sought.
What is the ultimate end of the sought?
Finding the seeker!
Maqalat / Shams Tabrizi


You conduct a search for a lost thing, or as when you are looking for a website on the internet. Even when a police team is conducting a search, it is looking for missing links or clues to solve a case. If a person goes missing, police conduct a search to get the person or to get clues about his whereabouts. In case of find, you are not looking for a missing thing or trying to get to something you have lost. You are not searching or trying to find comfort, you seek comfort. Similarly you seek truth and do not search or find it.